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Considerations Why Choose Netbook

UNIVAC-the first commercially-used computer-sized a few tens of tons and the size of a house. The electric power used can turn on 1 block of the house and must be periodically switched off so that the device does not melt due to the heat generated. In general, there are 3 variants of the computer to work commonly used, namely Desktop PC, Notebook, and Netbook. Desktop PC, as the name suggests is a computer device consisting of CPU (Central Processing Unit), monitor and other peripherals. Desktop PC easily found in various offices, campuses, cafes, and homes. Although the monitor can be a CRT or LCD monitor, the PC desktop is easily recognizable because the CPU and monitor are separate. The desktop PC is commonly referred to as a regular PC. Many PC models now you can choose, one of which is a netbook and can be taken anywhere you go. If you follow the computer training usually you will know there are several reasons why you should choose a netbook to be a device that accompanies you.

If you use more computers on mobile, select Notebook or Netbook. Desktop PC can be selected if the computer is more used to work desk that is not / rarely move around If you concern on price, choose Desktop PC or Netbook. For the same price, the PC desktop specification is much higher than the Notebook or Netbook. Desktop PCs also have an advantage in terms of adding new components or replacing certain components. If you use a computer just for browsing, chatting, writing and working with office applications (word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations), choose Netbook. Netbooks can also be selected if you intend to equip your child with a lightweight computer both in terms of weight, price, and applications used. Netbooks suitable for working on school tasks that require a computer.