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Calgary Fire and safety tips

Calgary Marketing department in its bid to increase awareness of the fire prevention and safety tips at grass root level has resorted to teaming up with other partners such as local business operators, health authorities and even media outlets. This is aimed at helping raise the much needed awareness of fire and safety tips.

Below are some of Calgary fire and safety tips that are being whose practice are being encouraged. They include:

i. Always taking note of the location of fire escape route in any building in which you get into. Normally, most building are designed with two independent escape routes remotely located from each other and meant specifically to serve as exits in case of a fire emergency.

ii. Making sure that all the fire emergency exits are never blocked or locked when the building is being used

iii. Designating all fire emergency exits using clear signs

iv. Carrying out a fire drill on a regular basis

v. Carefully handling hazardous materials at work which are easily flammable

Calgary fire department encourages exercising of the above fire and safety tips which interestingly enough have so far proven to significantly help prevent and control fire emergencies.