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Wok Is Your Kitchen Investment

While not wanting to cook Chinese food, having a wok pan becomes a worthwhile investment in the kitchen. This cookware has several advantages: it uses less oil for deep frying, spreads heat evenly, and ensures that the food is perfectly stirred because you can throw like a professional chef. Before buying a wok, the following things to consider, including the type of cast iron wok.

Although we always think that good price guarantee the quality of goods, but for business, the wok is not applicable. Although the price is relatively not so expensive but can spread the heat evenly on the entire surface. Wok itself is made of iron, but now the market you can find wok coated aluminium, stainless steel, even copper. Wok only one type, different is the size from small to large, made of iron, sometimes there is wok coated with stainless steel but heavy.