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Differences between Interior Paint and Exterior Paint

Interior and exterior paint actually have different characteristics. Exterior paint is not always better when compared to interior paint. The interior paint is formulated for better coloring and cleaning. Meanwhile, exterior paints, which are used on exterior painting, like the exterior painting woodstock, for instance, are formulated to prevent rapid fading and anti-fungus. Therefore, it is important for you to use the correct type of paint on the work of a house painting.

Interior paint made with materials that make it easier to clean, resistant to scratches, anti-stain, and better coloring results. Meanwhile, the exterior paint is made with materials that make it durable, anti-fungal, and not quickly fade.

Interior and exterior paint often use different resin types to bind the pigments in the walls. The exterior paint should be flexible to high temperature and humidity changes, so the resin used makes the paint softer. Exterior paint should be durable and have excellent resistance so as not to peel quickly.